UNIDO Regional Centre for Small Hydro Power  
Kerala, with its 33 million people, faces numerous challenges to meet its energy requirements in a sustainable manner. Current production of electricity is far too insufficient to meet the growing demand of the consumers. The state has enormous renewable energy potential and more than 3000 MW of exploitable hydropower capacity. Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) have neither attracted the requisite level of investment nor tangible policy commitment. Although some resources have been allocated for developing, adapting, and disseminating RETs in rural areas, the total impact is still insignificant and very marginal.

The aims and objectives of establishing this UNIDO project is to further strengthen the Small Hydro Power related activities of the Energy Management Centre. With the establishment of the UNIDO Centre, several renewable energy related awareness building and training programmes will be conducted, to promote and accelerate sustainable development. It will facilitate the design of cost effective RETs using locally manufactured equipment, materials, and labour, and organizing consultancy services on comprehensive aspects of renewable energy systems and small hydro power development.

One of the immediate objectives of the project is also to provide electricity using a hybrid Renewable Energy System, combining a 20 kW SHP unit with Solar Photo Voltaics, to generate power to run a Community Development Centre (CDC) in a rural off grid area of Kerala. A rural CDC could contain PCs connected to the internet, a primary health centre with power for refrigeration and lighting, vocational training possibilities to enhance skills for improving employment potential and reduce poverty.

This project is implemented by UNIDO through the support of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions, Ministry of Industry, Government of India, and the Department of Power, Government of Kerala. It is also supported by the International Network on Small Hydro Power in Hangzhou, China. Adequate resource personnel within the Energy Management Centre will be allocated to carry out various activities of the Centre. UNIDO will endeavor to obtain the services of an international cost free expert to work at the Centre.




UNIDO Regional Centre for Small Hydro Power
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