The 2nd UNIDO/IC-SHP Seminar on SHP Cooperation among Developing Countries 16~23 April 2004
Facilitating SHP Technology Transfer 
among Developing Countries


Small Hydro Power (SHP) is the renewable energy form with the greatest potential for rapid development. China alone adds about 1500 MW SHP each year into its electricity market. Up to the end of 2002, the total installed SHP capacity in China reached 31.04GW and annual electricity generation 103.7GWh. Eight hundred counties covering 40% of China's land area are mainly electrified by SHP.

The success of SHP development in China has drawn the attention of many other developing countries. Some countries, having picked a different energy strategy from the very beginning, turned to SHP after realizing its role in rural development and environment protection.

In developing countries SHP development is hampered by various elements. The lack of know-how and policy barrier are two most common ones. This seminar is designed specially to facilitate technology transfer and ease policy barriers.


  • To bring together those with an interest in improving SHP development through technical cooperation;
  • To identify each developing country's needs, and match appropriate technology with the specific needs;
  • To identify strategies for SHP technology transfer among developing countries;
  • To identify the barriers to rapid SHP development in developing countries;
  • To have "on-site" and "in-depth" study on China's SHP technology
  • To exchange information of some new SHP-related technologies, such as "Hydrogen energy from small hydro power".


Day 1-2 April 16~17, 2004

The 2nd Seminar
on SHP Cooperation among Developing Countries

IC-SHP Building, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province,China


Day 3-8 April 18~23, 2004

The On-site Study on China's SHP Technology

IC-SHP Chenzhou Base, Hunan Province,China


The event will be concluded on April 23, 2004 in Chenzhou, Hunan Province

Registration Form

Please download registration form by clicking here and use one form per delegate. Photocopy of the form is also valid.

Registration form should be submitted to:
Mr. WANG Yansong
P.O Box 202
Nanshan Road 136
Hangzhou, 310002, China
Fax: +86-571-87023353

Registration Charge

Please use the registration form for the payment of registration fee. The registration fee is US$300 per person, which excludes accommodation and international travel, but includes the meals and banquets provided by the seminar.

Considering the desire of a number of participants from developing countries who are not supported by any agency , we have instituted a scheme to waive the registration fee and expenses on food and local travel during the Seminar for them. However, accommodation will have to be paid for at rates previously notified.

The above concessions will be on “first come, first served” basis. The numbers that can be covered are limited. Hence, immediate response by e-mail or fax is preferred.

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